First, there was Roger the ripped kangaroo. Then, there was New York City’s bachelor mandarin duck. Now, a new marsupial is taking over the internet: Meet Rogue, the “world’s sexiest koala” leaving social media all hot and bothered.

Rogue struck his “come hither” pose at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in Queensland, Australia. Ross Long, a British photographer, recently snapped a photo of Rogue while visiting the sanctuary and then posted it to Instagram, making the macho animal a viral sensation, People reported.

“Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack,” reads the image’s caption, which jokingly paid tribute to the famous scene between Rose and Jack in the dramatic movie Titanic. So far, the post has generated 4,077 likes on Instagram.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary also caught on to Rogue’s social media stardom, and wrote their own cute post on Facebook. “You might have seen our very own superstar koala, Rogue, doing the rounds on social media recently. He has gained international headlines for being the “world’s sexiest koala” and is now an online megastar!”

The sanctuary also wrote about how some of Rogue’s friends don’t always have it easy: According to the sanctuary, many koalas suffer from Koala Chlamydia, a disease that’s frequently spread among the marsupials, and could be fatal if not treated. Last year, 500 koalas were admitted to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and 80 percent of them were provided treatment for Koala Chlamydia.

Fans can donate to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Hospital here.

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