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For many reasons, Swiss Asset Management companies and Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most sought after in the world, especially for Chinese and United Kingdom citizens. Find Out Why, How And Where To Obtain.

ZUG, Switzerland, Nov. 9, 2018  /PRNewswire/ — Since foreign shareholders and directors are allowed, purchases by wealthy Chinese and UK citizens of Swiss Asset Management companies and Swiss cryptocurrency exchanges are on the rise. A cryptocurrency exchange located in Switzerland is the most sought after jurisdiction in the world. Swiss AMF AG has available Swiss Asset Management companies and Swiss cryptocurrency exchanges for sale.

Swiss Asset Management Companies for Sale
Swiss Asset Management companies are unique in that they can conduct discretionary fund management like DFMs in the UK, but with considerable less hassle and ongoing cost than under the UK regime. In addition, the license is very broad in Switzerland, allowing Swiss Asset Management companies to engage in fiduciary (trust) activities, cryptocurrency trading, electronic money transfer, brokerage and more.

Swiss Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Sale
The Swiss Crypto Exchange is the most sought after digital currency exchange company in the world. Swiss AMF AG are leading Swiss cryptocurrency experts and have available licensed Swiss cryptocurrency exchanges for sale, which can include advanced Swiss-made cryptocurrency exchange platforms. These digital currency exchange platforms are technologically advanced, automating almost all functions, including AML/KYC procedures. These cryptocurrency exchanges are located in Zug, the cryptocurrency capital of Switzerland. Swiss AMF also has partners for cryptocurrency exchange software development for specialised cryptocurrency exchange platforms and existing cryptocurrency exchange development.

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For more information on acquiring a digital currency exchange license in Switzerland, or purchasing an existing Swiss digital currency exchange, with our without a Swiss cryptocurrency platform and turn-key delivery, contact Swiss AMF AG via the links below.

Swiss Asset Management Company for Sale

Cryptocurrency exchange Switzerland for Sale

1983 Swiss Asset Management Company for Sale

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