We spend a lot of time testing the latest tech products, including VR headsets like Samsung’s Odyssey+ and the HTC Vive Pro. If you’re wondering which is best for you, we can help.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Premium Windows Mixed Reality

$499 at Microsoft


  • Complete system cheaper than Vive Pro
  • Easier to set up
  • No screen door effect
  • Comfortable design
  • Lower starting system requirements


  • Tracking not as precise
  • No wireless option

Samsung’s Odyssey+ is the best Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset on the market, offering a high-res display, comfy fit, and easy setup. In a lot of ways, it matches what the HTC Vive Pro offers, except its inside-out tracking isn’t as precise and there’s no option for a wireless connection.

HTC Vive Pro

Pro-grade VR

$1,385 at Amazon

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