Vivo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has captured headlines over the past year for its innovative devices, has a new smartphone coming on or around December 11. It’s a new entry into the Nex series, likely called the Nex 2, and that number may not only represent its sequel status. Want to know more? Here’s what we think we know about the Nex 2 so far.

vivo nex 2 news teaser

The Vivo Nex S impressed us with its first use of an in-display fingerprint sensor, almost completely bezel-less display, and cool pop-up camera — a feature which enabled the company to shrink the bezels down to almost nothing. The Nex 2 may do something completely different, and feature two screens. A teaser video and image have arrived on Vivo’s website, showing a slim smartphone morphing into two phones, still connected by a stream of color.

Pause the video as the phone spins round, and the rear of the device appears for a split second, showing a second, different screen on it to the front, with large bezels at the top and bottom, and an unusual circular feature at the top. This section does not visibly house a camera, and in the teaser, no cameras are shown on the Nex 2 at all. Vivo’s tagline is, “What is Nex,” for the mystery phone. A further teaser video shows three camera lenses appear and then blend into one, suggesting the Nex 2 will have an unusual three camera lens array.

Phones with two screens are nothing new, but have never seen wide adoption or success. The odd YotaPhone and its sequels are probably the best known, but Vivo competitor Meizu also launched the Pro 7 with two screens in 2017. Vivo, along with Oppo, has come up with several phones that push modern device design forward recently, and we cannot wait to see what the Nex 2 will look like. For the specification, a leak published on the Weibo social network says the phone will come with 10GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage space.

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When will the phone arrive? Vivo hasn’t announced a firm date, but is running a competition in China to win a chance to try out the device for a limited time, and this closes on December 10. It’s likely the Nex 2 will be shown off very soon after the competition. We’ll keep you updated with Nex 2 news here.

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