One of the most anticipated horror games of 2019, Days Gone, is currently just days away from release and is looking to be one of the brightest PlayStation 4 highlights of the year. In preparation for the upcoming apocalyptic action game, GameStop has launched a promotion that allows people who buy the game within 48 hours of its launch date to take it back for full trade-in credit at $59.99.

The program for which Days Gone is eligible is called the “Guaranteed to Love it” program. It is, so far, the first game to be eligible for the program.

As mentioned previously, this promotion only applies if you have bought the game within two days of its release date. Furthermore, it only applies if you trade it in within 48 hours of purchase, regardless of which day you purchase Days Gone. 

Additionally, the promotion will only be available for those purchasing the standard edition, meaning that buyers of the Days Gone Collector’s Edition will be unable to trade in their copy of the game for the same value. As well, the trade-in value will not include any sales tax initially paid, and a receipt is required at the time of the trade-in.

There are a few unknowns right now. Most notably, while this promotion is going live with Days Gone, it is uncertain whether it will continue with any other new releases. GameStop currently has a similar policy regarding returns on used games where a patron can return a used game within a week of purchase with the receipt, allowing them to receive their full money back. But when it comes to brand-new games, they cannot be returned if opened.

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The “Guaranteed to Love it” promotion appears to be a very interesting one, and it shows that GameStop may be in the process of becoming a bit more flexible when it comes to return policies. But given a recent survey forecasting GameStop’s future, where it was reported that 60% of teenaged gamers prefer digitally downloading titles over physical purchases, it makes sense that GameStop may start to launch more unconventional programs like this one.

Days Gone releases April 26, 2019 for PS4.

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