Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 4 announced

The first new entry in nearly 10 years.

Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 4

Konami has announced Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 4. Development has started with a targeted release window of 2020 in Japan. Platforms were not announced.

The following six characters and voice actors were announced:

Ryouta Kazama (voiced by Yuuki Kaji) / Nozomu Sassa (voiced by Takuya Satou)

Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 4

Iku Honda (voiced by Sounosuke Hattori) / Minoru Nanatsumori (voiced by Yohei Azakami)

Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 4

Yanosuke Hiiragi (voiced by Jun Fukuyama) / Gorou Hanatsubaki (voiced by Shou Hayami)

Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 4

Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side series is an otome subseries of the Tokimeki Memorial love simulation game series. The latest entry in the subseries, Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 3rd Story, launched for DS in Japan in June 2010 and PSP in March 2012.

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