If the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is any sign of what’s to come, the coming year will truly be the year of the PC. More than any other CES in recent memory, the 2019 event showed off more PCs and PC innovation, and it was truly a PC and Windows user’s dream. The show was packed with exciting new hardware, services and other related products, and frankly, picking the cream of the crop was not easy. But we still did it.

These are our picks for the best, standout, simply-cannot-miss products from the 2019 CES.

Best of CES 2019


NVIDIA GeForce RTX series for laptops

Better graphics and performance for laptops.

NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards are finally here for laptops, and they’re here in a big way. There are 40 laptops that will be shipping with the new powerhouse cards, making it one of the most ambitious launches ever for the company. The new cards use less power (80 watts) but offer at least a 20 percent performance boost – plus you get that neat “raytracing” ability, which can drastically improve the realism of lighting in games that support the feature. Everyone from gamers to graphics professionals will appreciate the new mobile RTX platform and laptop makers seem excited about the tech.

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