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Makeup is a fun thing to shop for but what about if there was a way to receive some great beauty products every month as a kind of gift to yourself? These subscription boxes all do exactly that.

In each case, the subscription box offers a fun way of trying out new beauty products that you might not ordinarily consider. In some cases, you get sample size items while others you’re getting the full product. Regardless of the item size, it’s a neat way of trying something a little different on a regular basis.

Here’s our pick of the best makeup subscription boxes, and just why they might be the perfect subscription for you.

Best All-Rounder: Ipsy ($10 per month/$110 per year)

A selection of Ipsy makeup products

The great thing about Ipsy is it works for pretty much everyone. To start out, it asks you a few key questions about your skin tone, hair color, as well as how comfortable you are using makeup, before finding out what brands you love and what kind of makeup you most frequently use. The options are super extensive so there’s little chance of getting something that’s just not for you.

The subscription service costs $10 per month or you can pay $110 upfront for the year and get a month free. For the price, you get 5 beauty products with a rough average value of $53. These can be anything from lipgloss to foundation or eyeliner. Typically, they’re well aligned to what you’ve requested, and you can always change up for future months if you want a focus on different kinds of beauty products. There’s a rewards scheme too for those that regularly buy other products through the site.

Best For Lip Products: Lip Monthly ($12.95 per month/$137.40 per year)

A selection of Lip Monthly Lipsticks

Mad about lip based products? Subscribe to Lip Monthly and you’ll never run out of options. For $12.95 per month or $137.40 per year, you get a selection of full-size lip products with a retail value of $40-$80 each month. It’s unusual for such services to offer full-size products so this is a big thing in favor of Lip Monthly.

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You typically get a mixture of 4 to 5 lip glosses, lipsticks, lip balms, lip stains, and other products. These are generally a combination of big brands as well as niche and emerging brands that are well worth checking out. Much like Ipsy, there’s a rewards scheme too for its shop. Although, don’t expect to be able to heavily customize your options before subscribing. This is a more general service.

Best For Natural Products: Love Goodly ($34.95 every two months/$48.95 every two months)

A selection of Love Goodly makeup products
Love Goodly

Love Goodly has an emphasis on providing cruelty-free vegan makeup and beauty products. All of its items are non-toxic as well as certified palm oil free so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re not damaging the environment while using its makeup.
For $34.95 every two months, you get 4-5 full-size products, as well as an occasional eco style accessory, wellness product or healthy snack. It’s those little bonuses that make it feel even more like a gift to yourself. The item value works out at about $99 each time. Alternatively, for $48.95 every two months, you can subscribe to the VIP service which bundles in an extra product or two and has a total value of about $174.

Either way, your skin will feel healthier with natural products, and you’ll know you’ve done your bit for the environment too.

Best For Emerging Brands: Glossybox ($21 per month/$210 per year)

A selection of Glossybox Makeup products

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