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Add a little more intelligence to your home.

Amazon has a list of select, but excellent, smart home devices, and you can take 20% off the item of your choice with the code SMART20. The code is limited to the products on that screen, and you’ll only be allowed to use it once. So choose wisely. Lucky for you there aren’t any real bad options on that list. Since the sale is designed to promote Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, all the devices work with her and can help you upgrade your smart home.

This is just one part of a larger sale. The other part we flesh out here. You can get a smart bulb or smart plug for just $10 if you meet certain criteria. That promotion is excellent but not available to everyone, whereas the 20% off promo above is.

Want to know something else? The 20% off deal stacks with other currently ongoing deals. The Ring Video Doorbell 2, for example, just dropped to $139.99 recently. We shared a deal on it when it did, but thanks to Amazon you can get it for just $111.99 with the SMART20 code. We hardly ever see this video doorbell go on sale on its own at all, and right now it’s almost half off thanks to these two sales.

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