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There have been many great game reveals at The Game Awards this year, including a new Far Cry game as well as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for the Nintendo Switch. Another game that has been revealed at The Game Awards is a pirate game created by Ark: Survival Evolved developer called Atlas. Atlas is an open world MMO and it will be available on Steam as soon as next week.

As can be seen in the reveal trailer below, Atlas is similar to another pirate game released this year, Sea of Thieves, where players need to work together to man and control ships and fight against both the environment and other crews in the game. From the trailer, it also seems that players can take to the streets in general play, get into bar brawls, hunt for treasure, and go diving. In Atlas, players are encouraged to work together to build massive armadas and claim territory to eventually try to take over the entire world.

The Atlas reveal trailer also shows off some crazy creatures that players will encounter in the game, such as a giant hammerhead shark, multi- and single-headed dragons, and some sort of a fire demon in various locations around the game world. Atlas also boasts the ability to hold 40,000 players in its open world map, which is about 1,200 times more than what the ARK: Survival server could hold, so the game is sure to provide players with a lot of playtime.

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While Atlas will only be available on Steam initially, it will debut on consoles with the Xbox preview program at some point in the future. Sea of Thieves was a big hit among players and it surpassed Microsoft’s sale expectations, so for players that are looking to continue the pirate life, hopefully Atlas will not disappoint.

Atlas will be available for PC in early access on December 13 and is also in development for Xbox One.

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