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Best answer: Right now the Surface Headphones are only confirmed for launch in the U.S. and the UK.

Microsoft: Surface Headphones (Order from Nov. 15) ($350)

Limited global availability for now

This isn’t massively surprising, mostly because of the included Cortana voice assistant, which requires localization, but the U.S. will be the first market to get the Surface Headphones, but the UK has also been confirmed, albeit as yet without a confirmed date on when folks there can order them.

Cortana is built into the headphones

Normally, when you hear about a voice assistant like Cortana being available, your brain might go to ideas about only using Microsoft devices. You’re probably used to seeing assistants like Cortana on your phone, tablet, or PC, but in this case, Cortana is built right into the headphones. It cuts out an extra middleman when trying to connect them with any device, so there’s no need to use Cortana on your iPhone or iPad to make use of these headphones.

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