Two Windows Central team members argue different stances on whether Microsoft should brag about the effectiveness of its Insider software-testing program so soon after a major Windows 10 mishap.

In early October, Microsoft announced its next major Windows 10 “feature update,” appropriately named the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. It started rolling out the update shortly thereafter to users who actively sought it out (it was not available unless you used a tool to fetch the update). A major issue with the build soon arose, causing users to lose data and leading Microsoft to pull the update.

So what exactly happened? Our Senior Writer Zac Bowden did some digging to find out, and you can read the details here. Short answer: Microsoft mistook the early reports of issues for another bug that had already been squashed. So it continued to roll out the update, oblivious to the fact that a significant file-deletion bug still existed. So you could argue the Windows Insider Program failed, or that Microsoft did in its response to reports of issues. It took weeks for the problem to be resolved, and the “October Update” was not publicly released again until November.

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