Razer’s new mid-range eGPU can handle the latest NVIDIA RTX graphics and adds some RGB flair as well.

Razer is continuing to give some breathing room to its popular external GPU (eGPU) kits with the introduction of the new Razer Core X Chroma. Priced at $399 the Core X Chroma sits above the $299 non-Chroma Core X and below the $499 Razer Core v2.

For design, the Core X Chroma borrows a lot from the Core X but bumps many of the main specifications including adding a 700-watt power supply (versus just 500 watts in the current Core X).

Additionally, there are four USB and one Gigabit Ethernet port plus Razer Chroma RGB lighting as the name implies.

The Core X Chroma works with the most popular graphics cards around including NVIDIA GeForce RTX, GeForce GTX, and Quadro cards to AMD XConnect enabled Radeon and Radeon Pro cards.

The Core X Chroma system works through a single USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 cable works with PC or Mac (with the latter relying on AMD solutions). The Razer Core X Chroma can charge USB-C laptops with up to 100W over the included Thunderbolt 3 cable. To help offset bandwidth restrictions the Core X Chroma uses a Thunderbolt dual chip design that effortlessly handles both graphics and peripheral data through the single Thunderbolt 3 cable

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