You'll still be using discs to play games on Sony's next games console, and it won't be landing until at least 2020. That's according to Mark Cerny at Sony who is the lead system architect on the next-gen console.

In an interview with Wired, Cerny has confirmed the console won't be launching later this year but he refused to confirm whether it'll be called the PlayStation 5.

He confirmed the console will still boast discs to play games, and it'll be backward compatible with PS4 titles too. It doesn't look like it'll support PS3, PS2 or original PlayStation titles though.

Your existing PlayStation VR headset will work with the upcoming console, and it'll also support 8K to futureproof it for your next-gen TV too.

Cerny wasn't drawn on a release date for the console or a price, but we'd hope to learn more of those details when the company officially unveils the full console. 

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