An anonymous person, who recently entered an abandoned Houston home to get high, had the scare of their life when they found a tiger locked inside a “rinky-dink” cage.

The pot-smoking individual, who initially thought they were hallucinating, notified police after they discovered that the male tiger was a real animal, KPRC-TV reported on Monday.

On Monday, BARC animal enforcement officers found the tiger and called Houston police, who were able to obtain a warrant and safely remove the tiger. Police said the tiger was located inside the home’s garage, which was only secured with a nylon strap and a screwdriver.

Officials said the tiger was taken to the BARC animal shelter in Houston, where it spent the night. The Houston Zoo, which also responded to the incident, told KPRC-TV that they weren’t able to take the tiger due to capacity issues.

On Tuesday, KHOU 11 reported that the tiger, which is nicknamed “Tyson,” will be transported to an undisclosed animal sanctuary in Texas for treatment. Officials said the location will not be public at this time, since they’re still investigating the incident.

BARC Houston didn’t provide any additional updates on the tiger, however, you can follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information on animal rescue operations.

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