Get your headphones and subwoofers ready: NASA unveiled its new Sounds of Mars recording and it’s nearly all bass.

On Friday, NASA JPL posted a tweet with the creepy audio and urged fans to tune in on According to the Tweet, sensors in InSight’s seismometer and weather instrument captured vibrations from martian wind hitting the lander on Dec. 1. NASA recommends that you hear the recording with listening equipment, because it’s an eerie mix of low pitch and wind.

If you don’t have headphones or subwoofers, you can try to listen to it on your laptop, but you’ll need to pitch the audio up to two octaves to hear the noise.

In the video posted on Twitter, NASA said mission engineers will eventually move the seismometer off the lander and onto the ground. Once this is done, the seismometer will collect vibrations that come from the planet’s depths. By listening to Mars’ environment, we can get a feel for the planet’s conditions and internal structure.

You can download NASA’s Sounds of Mars recording here.

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