You have questions about the upcoming changes to Microsoft’s Edge browser, and we have answers.

With news that Microsoft is officially changing its Edge browser from EdgeHTML to one based on the open-source Chromium Project, there are many questions about what it all means.

What is Chromium? How is it different than Google Chrome? Can the browser be updated without the OS? All of these questions and many more are answered in our new Edge and Chromium frequently-asked questions (FAQ) roundup.

Is Microsoft killing its Edge browser?

No. Microsoft Edge is sticking around and will have the same name and icon. The engine that powers Edge is being changed from EdgeHTML to Chromium’s Blink.

Microsoft sees Edge as a browser for all its technologies and services across multiple platforms including all versions of Windows, iOS, Android, and even macOS.

Why does the change matter?

For consumers, the only difference will be a more web standards-compliant browser that works better than the previous EdgeHMTL one.

For web developers, it means less work, as there is no more of specific targeting EdgeHTML code for website compatibility. While the browser will be better in many ways, the overall look and feel should be similar, meaning many people won’t notice the shift, at least visually.

When will we see these changes to Microsoft Edge?

A feature-incomplete preview version for developers will likely come in early 2019.

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