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In Red Dead Redemption 2, a player’s horse is critical to traversing the game’s massive open-world, and the same holds true in Red Dead Online. In the single-player campaign, Arabian horses are some of the fastest and sturdiest mounts available, and players that were attached to their Arabian steeds may be happy to learn that they make a return in Rockstar’s new multiplayer sandbox.

Those that are looking to acquire an Arabian horse in Red Dead Online can do so by visiting a stable. Stables are located throughout Red Dead Online‘s map (including in cities like Blackwater, Saint Denis, and Valentine), and they are demarcated by a horseshoe icon. At the stable, players can select “Buy Horse” followed by “Superior” and “Arabian” to access the available Arabian horses.

It’s worth noting, though, that the lowest tier Arabian–the Red Chestnut–can be freely acquired, assuming the player has sufficient stable space. However, the premium options come with high Rank requirements and sizable price tags. Red Dead Online‘s White Arabian, for instance, comes with some impressive base stats, but it won’t come cheap or easy. This is because players need to hit Rank 66 and spend $850 to add it to their stable. For players that want an even more powerful mount, stables also offer the Black Arabian to players that have reached Rank 70 and have 42 Gold Bars to spare.

red dead online black arabian

While reaching these Rank requirements in Red Dead Online will certainly take time, it is advisable to focus on story missions for fast XP. This includes completing the missions directly assigned to the player as well as being available for matchmaking in order to complete story missions with others.

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Additionally, the steep cost can be slowly addressed by acquiring money from hidden treasure chests, selling stolen loot, and participating in the various PvP activities Red Dead Online offers. Alternatively, the infinite money glitch be used in an attempt to expedite this process.

Aside from weapon load-outs, horses are one of the most critical elements impacting Red Dead Online‘s gameplay. While there are myriad other steeds available for purchase from stables–with some having base stats that rival the Arabians’–none have their “Elite” handling. Just remember, Horse Insurance is a good way to protect any new mount from the innumerable tragedies that can befall it while galloping through Red Dead Online‘s harsh wilderness.

Red Dead Online is accessible through Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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