A fake Fortnite trailer was billed as a leak for Season 7 and fooled a lot of people.

We now know the trailer was created by YouTuber KiosFR, but after it’s initial release on Reddit many articles were published that billed it as likely real with varying degrees of confidence.

Still, it is easy to see why some places were fooled. The quality of the trailer is undoubtedly high and only some small issues gave it away.

Now Kios has released another look at the process of making the trailer and how some of the different shots were created.

That fake fortnite trailer 7 was made by me from FortNiteBR

In that video, KiosFR calls out some YouTubers for falling for the teaser, but honestly tricking clickbait YouTubers isn’t exactly hard to do.

Many community members and a couple of outlets were fooled by the hoax. Thanks to the high quality of Epic’s previous trailers, many people still weren’t buying it as you can see from the comments on the original video below.

Fortnite Trailer Season 7 from FortNiteBR

KiosFR deserves credit for creating a believable fake video by themselves while the actual teaser trailer will be created by a team of Epic employees.

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