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You don’t have to look too far to find a “deal” from an Internet Service Provider (ISP), but not all of them are actually good, and most of them you’ll want to stay far away from. Verizon is offering new customers who sign up for its 100/100 Mbps plan a $50 prepaid gift card, and the service is reduced to just $39.99 a month if you sign up for auto pay. This offer is exclusive to those signing up for service online, so if you try calling in you won’t be able to get the pricing down this low.

The 100/100 plan comes with a one-year price guarantee, meaning that you’ll only pay the $39.99 plus taxes and applicable fees for the first year, though after that the price is subject to change. If you need faster speeds, or want to lock into a guaranteed price for a longer period of time, Verizon is also offering a 300/300 plan for $59.99 which comes with 6 months of Netflix service and locks you into that price for two years, or opt for the Gigabit plan which has a three-year price guarantee and comes in at $79.99 a month. The Gigabit plan also offers 1 year of Netflix from Verizon as well as a free router rental for the full three-year term.

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