Does size really matter? Andromeda thinks so.

Over the last couple of weeks, talk of a larger Andromeda device has been making the rounds on the web. I learned rather quickly that this larger device wasn’t actually Andromeda at all, but another device codenamed Centaurus that Microsoft is prioritizing over Andromeda for the time being. Centaurus features the same two-screen setup that Microsoft is working on with Andromeda, except it’s larger and not a phone. This raises the question, does size really matter for a new Surface?

While many of us want Microsoft to make another phone, perhaps it’s not a wise idea for the company to do so before it has an ecosystem in place to support it. Windows Phone failed because of a lack of apps, and that hasn’t changed since Microsoft laid it to rest. If Microsoft were to come back with a new phone, regardless of if it introduced a new form factor, it would fail for the same reasons. Nobody wants a device they can’t do anything with.

However, people have a different set of expectations when it comes to buying a PC over a phone. With a phone, we rely immensely on app availability, because that’s the only real way to do anything on those devices. On a PC, however, app availability is not a primary concern for most people, as a lot of what a user needs to do on a PC can be done through a browser. Sure, some people need specific PC apps, mainly power users, but most people aren’t primarily deciding between Windows or Mac based on the apps available.

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