The Microsoft Band came and went in the blink of an eye. But was Microsoft ever onto a winner, or was it always doomed to fail?

It’s 2019. Wearables, while still not everywhere, have proven somewhat popular. Apple has one, Samsung has one, Fitbit has loads, and many smaller companies have their own as well. It’s a market that has found its niche and is proving to be a success for at least some of the companies building these devices. One such company that ventured into this market early on was Microsoft, with the surprise Microsoft Band released in 2014 and Microsoft Band 2 released in 2015.

It was a short stint, but it was a unique look into a world where Microsoft was part of the wearables market, and with a product that was really quite good for the time. In 2015, the wearables market was still new, and nobody had found their feet yet. Apple had not long launched its first-generation Apple Watch, to mixed reviews. Android Wear devices were not very good at the time either. Fitbit devices were exciting but were almost 100 percent fitness-oriented at the time.

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