Real books. Real savings.

Did you know Amazon actually sells books that aren’t made with E Ink? Crazy right? Used to be pretty big into books, too, if I recall. Well, now you can save on some print books by using the code GIFTBOOK18 to take $5 off when you spend $20 or more. As far as I can tell, this works on just about any print book you can find. Use it to save on holiday gifts or next semester’s textbooks. Paperback or hardcover doesn’t seem to matter, as long as it’s a print book and the total is more than $20.

If you’re looking for some good ideas, I’ve been reading Kelly Link’s short story collections recently. You can get Magic for Beginners or the Pulitzer Prize Finalist Get in Trouble with this deal. The stories are surreal, sometimes even creepy, and make for the sort of read you can’t put down until its done.

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