Cryptocurrency marketplace HBUS rebrands as Huobi

Cryptocurrency exchange operator Huobi Group has announced that it has authorized digital asset marketplace HBUS to use the Huobi name in the United States.

Headquartered in San Francisco, HBUS is a cryptocurrency marketplace which went live on July 10, 2018, with over 20 trading pairs. HBUS is an exclusive U.S. strategic partner of Huobi.

HBUS is now rebranding as Huobi as part of Huobi Group’s ongoing plans for global expansion. HBUS Holdco, Inc. continues to be the company operating the U.S. trading platform.

“From a branding perspective, it simply makes sense to ensure that the Huobi name is present in the United States,” said Huobi Group Founder and CEO Leon Li. “This transition will allow Huobi to extend its brand presence around the globe.”

As part of the transition, HBUS will migrate its trading platform to, which will be open to U.S. users. Huobi Global, Huobi Group’s flagship global cryptocurrency exchange, will continue to serve the global market under its own name at Huobi Global users who go to will be redirected to the correct site, where they can trade as usual, the company said.

“The name ‘Huobi’ is a powerful brand in the digital asset world, representing dependability and security for more than half a decade. HBUS’s enhanced partnership with Huobi Group will also bring with it a reputable brand that will help HBUS increase trading,” said Frank Fu, CEO of HBUS, which launched in San Francisco last year. “Leveraging our exclusive partnership with Huobi Group in this way will allow us to grow the Huobi brand together.”

Last year, Huobi announced that it has selected five partners to launch cryptocurrency exchanges in five countries through its Huobi Cloud. In December, it opened its Russian office in partnership with the VEB Digital Transformation Center.

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