A fast-paced simulation game aimed at educating people about Bitcoin is about to hit the market. You can buy it with Bitcoin – and if you’re good enough – you can win Bitcoin by playing!

‘Crypto Crisis’ takes the gamer back in time to early 2009, when the world’s largest digital currency was barely a year old.

The aim is to pay off your debts and turn your life around by making money from the brand new world of ‘Bitcoin mining.’

Users compete for block rewards by building, upgrading and optimising their mining rigs. They must carefully manage the energy consumption and heat output of mining rigs, whilst deciding whether to HODL their Bitcoin or sell it on the market.

Bitcoin Game
A screenshot from ‘Crypto Crisis’

The Sydney-based company behind Crypto Crisis, Armoured Beans, says it set out to create a game that teaches the core principles of cryptocurrencies.

“I’ve tried explaining Bitcoin to colleagues and friends, and it’s been challenging,” said co-founder Stefan Kent.

“I think the mystery and complexity around Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies are limiting their widespread adoption.

“We thought if there was a way to demonstrate the ideas and make them less intimidating then a lot more people would be willing to use the technology.”

Mr Kent says early users of the game have gone on to research Bitcoin mining more thoroughly.

“One guy even read the whole Bitcoin whitepaper after a few hours of playing,” he said.

“It has been really nice to shine a light on the mysterious insides of the Bitcoin protocol and blockchain, whilst also giving gamers an enjoyable experience.”

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Bitcoin GameBitcoin Game

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