Always Connected PCs have begun to blur the lines between phones and PCs even further. Adding voice to these eSIM-equipped devices may be the next step to merging the overlapping computing and communication paradigms.

In 2016 Microsoft and Qualcomm announced Windows 10 on ARM. The achievement promised to make traditional PCs of current and future form factors more like smartphones in relation to battery life, constant connectivity and being always-on. (This is in conjunction with other always connected PC solutions). The overarching message here is the evolution of the PC in relation to making computing via Windows a natural part of the cellular roadmap. Smartphones have evolved in the opposite direction, from simple voice-equipped “cellular native” devices to complex pocket computers with telephony.

Cellular infrastructure, much of it defined by Qualcomm’s technology, powers the always-connected smartphone and communication paradigms of data and voice to which we have grown accustomed. Windows PC computing began as a “disconnected” experience that slowly gained a “connected” role over the years via wired and Wi-Fi solutions. Still, both a technological and perception distinction between the two computing platforms remained. Our collective mindsets have long accepted that there is a chasm between “always connected mobile computing” and “sometimes connected PC computing.” Some have even argued that eSIM-equipped always connected cellular PCs are irrelevant or unneeded because we have Wi-Fi and tethering.

The issue, however, isn’t about just having connectivity which Wi-Fi and tethering provides. It’s about how PCs with secure and consistent connectivity as part of the cellular roadmap potentially impacts the evolution of computing and communication. Combined with 5G and edge computing eSIM-equipped always-connected PCs with voice may be the next step in merging the progressively overlapping PC computing and telephony-powered communication and computing paradigms.

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