Brian Laundrie – update: Dog the Bounty Hunter leaves Florida team in charge of manhunt after injury

Brian Laundrie: Police fly drone over Carlton Reserve as activity ramps up

After a three-week manhunt, still no traces of Brian Laundrie have been found in the Florida nature reserve where he is being searched for, and there is only a fifty percent chance the missing man is still alive, police say.

Josh Taylor, the North Port police spokesperson, told CNN that nothing significant linked to Mr Laundrie has been found in the Carlton Reserve, but searches will continue until police receive more information.

The wilderness area, near Mr Laundrie’s family home in North Port, became the centre of the search after his parents told police he planned to camp there.

Police have revealed that Mr Laundrie, the man who is a “person of interest” in the killing of Gabby Petito, was under surveillance before his parents reported him missing.

Tensions between the families of Ms Petito and Mr Laundrie remain high as Ms Petito’s father accused Mr Laundrie’s parents of cowardice in a TV interview.

“Anyone who lived in that house is a coward,” Mr Petito said about the Laundries’ North Port home, adding: “They don’t know how to stand up for their actions.”


Chris Laundrie’s search efforts could be a positive sign, former FBI agents say

Former FBI agents have concluded that Brian Laundrie’s father helping law enforcement in the search for his son could be a positive sign.

Terry Turchie and Bryanna Fox told Fox News that Chris Laundrie’s efforts to help law enforcement search for his fugitive son could indicate he will continue to help them.

Mr Turchie said: “Watch and listen for any indication that he’s continuing to help them. That would be indicative of a breakthrough.”

He added: “If [Chris Laundrie] is really sincere in wanting to help the law enforcement and the FBI, and he has nothing to fear, then he’s going to sit down and start just talking.”

Chris Laundrie went to the Carlton Reserve with law enforcement officials last week to help them find his son.

Meanwhile, Ms Fox said that “in my years of experience in law enforcement searches and participating them and myself, I have never seen a family member of anybody who is a person of interest or suspected case ever be involved.”

Brian Laundrie, 23, is a person of interest in the Gabby Petito homicide case and has been missing for almost three weeks now.

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Experts question Brian Laundrie’s survival skills

A survival expert has raised questions over Brian Laundrie’s skills out in the wild, days after his sister claimed that the fugitive was a “mediocre survivalist.”

Robert Urban, founder and instructor of Urban Survival Academy, told CNN that it is “highly unlikely” that someone who is not professionally trained in survival tactics could be alive after this long in the Carlton Reserve.

He said: “Florida’s climate is very, very difficult. I am an expert with plenty of experience, and it would be everything that I could do to survive for (more) than three weeks. Someone with no experience, you cannot be lucky and survive in that sort of climate.”

Another survivalist, Jason Marsteiner, founder and president of The Survival University said: “Twenty-five days in that area is extremely tough. I wouldn’t want to do it and I’ve got jungle training, I’ve got mountain training.”

He added that “he’s [Brian Laundrie] not sleeping well, and when you don’t sleep you slowly drive yourself insane, so he would be making bad decisions, bad choices and I think that would cause him to be found or get injured or perish.”

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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s local team to continue the hunt

Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, has put together a “Florida team” that will continue to hunt for Brian Laundrie even as Chapman himself headed back to Colorado after injuring his ankle.

His team told the media that a “talented network of local team members will continue the search while he’s gone.”

He said that the team will continue to process leads in Colorado while he’s there.

The reality TV star is headed back to Colorado to consult his doctor after he injured his ankle during the search for Brian Laundrie.

He continues to raise funds for what he calls an “expensive search.”

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Gabby Petito’s mother thanks Floridians for their love

Gabby Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, took to Twitter on Sunday night before leaving for New York, to thank Floridians for their love and support.

She tweeted: “Goodbye Florida …thank you for showing us so much LOVE!”

Ms Schmidt, in an interview with Dr Phil last week, urged Petito’s missing boyfriend Brian Laundrie to turn himself in. She also accused the Laundrie family of knowing more than they were telling the police.

Meanwhile, the temporary memorial for Gabby Petito in North Port, Florida is due to be dismantled to prevent weather damage.

On Tuesday, the materials and gifts at the City Center Front Green memorial will be collected and items handed over to the Petito family.

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Dog the Bounty hunter heads back to Colorado

The reality TV star has left the Florida search for Brian Laundrie after injuring himself and to raise more funds for the search, according to WFAL.

Graeme Massie11 October 2021 00:21


Visitors continue to pay tribute at Gabby Petito memorial site in North Port

People have continued to pay respect to Gabby Petito by the city hall in North Port over the weekend, with flowers, pinwheels and teddies left behind in memory of her.

The temporary memorial is due to be dismantled next week to prevent weather damage, and items will be collected and given to Petito’s family.

Plans have been announced for a steel bench to be installed nearby in the near future as a more permanent memorial.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter injured in hunt for Laundrie

Dog the Bounty Hunter has had to pause his hunt for Brian Laundrie after injuring himself during the search.

WFLA reports that the TV personality, whose real name is Duane Lee Chapman, hurt his ankle while looking for the fugitive and has had to return home to see doctors.

The 68-year-old, who launched his own high-profile search effort for Mr Laundrie, has reportedly put together a “talented team” to continue his efforts while he’s away.

His team said he would carry on processing leads in Colorado and is raising funds to continue what he called an “expensive search”.

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More details released about the Gabby Petito Foundation

A family friend of the Petitos and Schmidts has revealed more details about the purpose of the newly created Gabby Petito Foundation.

Gary Rider, who is a board member, said: “We’re really trying to look at cases of missing people and domestic violence and we realize it’s a very big umbrella.”

He told News 12 Gabby Petito’s family wants to support these causes because they now know their daughter and her fiancé’s relationship was toxic, but had not seen the signs.

Mr Rider said they have been sent “heartbreaking” emails. “It just makes you really aware of what is going on around us,” he added. “I have four daughters myself and I can’t imagine what the family was dealing with right away and to try to get help, how frustrating it is.”

An October 17 event with live music in Patchogue, New York will raise money for the foundation.

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Ex-FBI agent says agency ‘spread too thin’ to keep up manhunt

The FBI doesn’t have the resources to carry on its intensive manhunt for Brian Laundrie, says a former agent.

Stuart Kaplan told The Sun: “The agency is spread too thin with not enough resources to really be able to be as effective as they could be in kind of sticking to their mission statement. And basically the FBI’s mission statement, to be quite frank, is the national security of the United States.”

Police confirmed the FBI is leading the search for the missing fiancée of Gabby Petito, but Mr Kaplan warned: “The FBI is not tasked or mandated to investigate homicides […] routinely a single homicide is not within the jurisdiction of the FBI.”

“Do I think that they can sustain 24 hours, seven days a week searching for this guy? Absolutely not. That’s ridiculous.” he added. “I don’t want to sound callous or heartless, but it’s a homicide of one person as tragic as it is.”

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Survival experts say it’s highly unlikely Brian Laundrie is still alive in the Carlton Reserve.

Robert Urban, founder and chief instructor of the Urban Survival Academy told CNN it would be extremely difficult for a survivalist, let alone someone who has not been professionally trained, to stay alive in the Carlton Reserve for the amount of time Mr Laundrie has been missing

“Florida’s climate is very, very difficult,” said Mr Urban. “I’m an expert with plenty of experience, and it would be everything that I could do to survive for (more) than three weeks. Someone with no experience, you cannot be lucky and survive in that sort of climate.”

He contined: “Some non-trained guy just used to walking on trails is not going to evade a team of experts like that, just by hiding.” Mr Urban added he believes Mr Laundrie is either not in the reserve or not alive in there.

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