Some Battlefield V players who’ve already hit the max Career Rank have been missing out on Company Coin, but DICE said it plans on compensating those players retroactively for their lost currency.

Since the game’s launch, players who hit the max rank of 50 haven’t been able to keep earning Company Coin, the resource used to purchase different items in-game. EA DICE said it’s been keeping an eye on the problem since launch and has rolled out a fix that’s worked for some, but more work is still needed since not every max-level player is successfully acquiring their currency yet.

“We’ve been tackling this issue since launch and have been testing proposed fixes,” DICE said. “As of today, we released a back-end fix that resolved the issue for many of our affected players, while some are still not receiving Company Coin. This issue is of high priority for us and are committed to fully addressing it.”

Those who have been missing out on the Company Coin gains will also be compensated for their lost earnings, DICE said. How much Company Coin players will be compensated with wasn’t said, but the developer confirmed players would see their Company Coin banks increased.

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“Finally, we are also prioritizing two elements related to the issue,” DICE said. “First, we plan to retroactively award players who have missed Company Coin at Rank 50 while this issue has persisted. We’re currently developing a script that will do the heavy lifting on this. Additionally, the End of Round screen is reporting inaccurate Company Coin earned. At the moment, you will not see the correct amount of Company Coin earned but will see an increase in your inventory bank.”

Once the issue is fully fixed, players who are at the max level will be able to accrue Company Coin as they would have had the issue not affected the earnings. Giving an example of how much these players will earn after every game, DICE said someone who ends a match with a score between 500-999 will get 25 Company Coin while anyone with a 1,000-1,999 score will get twice that month. That number may change though as the proper balance is still being looked into, DICE said.

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