Aurora44’s mysterious RPG, Ashen, may be set for an imminent Xbox One and PC launch.

Development of Ashen, Aurora44’s enigmatic action RPG, has been underway for some time, defined by its unforgiving combat, and unique visual styling. Despite several E3 appearances and gaining traction under Xbox One‘s ID@Xbox indie program, we’re yet to receive a firm release date. While a new year is on the horizon, the studio is still promising a 2018 debut.

Although firm details on Ashen are limited, a revised Microsoft Store listing has surfaced, indicating an imminent launch. Visiting the Xbox One’s digital marketplace presents an erroneous “Ashen available now” tile, linking to the game’s pre-release store page. Paired with a slated December 7, 2018 launch, it seems likely Ashen will see its imminent arrival this week.

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