Save Our Planet face paintEnvironmentalists continue to warn Americans about so-called catastrophic man-made climate change, but one skeptic questions how long the fearmongering can continue to work.

David Harsanyi – who writes for The Federalist – has a different perspective than most on global warming.

“I think it’s completely possible and plausible and believable that man has something to do with the slight warming we’ve been seeing – and perhaps even as much as the consensus of scientists say,” Harsanyi told OneNewsNow. “But my position is that warming is not as bad, and that the things and policies that people who claim to want to mitigate that warming want to do are far, far worse for human beings than the warming itself.”

In an article Harsanyi wrote for The Federalist titled “Climate Change Alarmism Is the World’s Leading Cause of Hot Gas,” he wrote that people have said for decades that civilization will end in a short time period if humans do not change their ways of living.

“None of that, of course, came true, and so they keep moving the date of disaster further and further out,” he explained. “In the meantime, people are living better and better – and none of those apocalyptic disastrous things have come true.”

Dems scaring Americans to go green …

In more recent years, people – including former Vice President Al Gore – have been sounding the alarm over man-made climate change.

Gore told a crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters during her 2016 Democratic presidential campaign that “every night on the news is like a “Nature Hike through the Book of Revelation,” with fires, floods and other natural disasters. This is a line that Gore has since used time and time again, as he believes that natural disasters are bigger, stronger, and more frequent because of man’s use of fossil fuels to power homes, businesses and vehicles.

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At the same time, Gore and his cronies have been knocked for making predictions that simply never came true.

Why then, does no one on the left ever hold the Democrat accountable?

Harsanyi’s theory is that getting Americans to buy in to the dire need to go green cannot happen without scare tactics.

“[Alarmists] need to fearmonger to get their policies enacted,” he insisted. “Not all scientists agree to what extent that is happening, not all scientists agree on the solutions that the left comes up with, and not all scientists agree on the timeframe. There is a lot of debate within that consensus that they never ever talk about, so that’s why it’s dishonest.”

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