Barely-there Jeep Nixed for ’21


Look up the Jeep Cherokee on the brand’s consumer website and you’ll see a lot of trims, but there’s also one you won’t see: Overland. Topping the Cherokee trim ladder, Overland is a well-appointed but under-advertised ride, meaning it’s one you don’t see much of plying local streets or sitting patiently outside the grocery store.

And for 2021, you won’t see it at all.

Dealer order guides tipped off CarsDirect that the range-topping Overland trim would disappear from the Cherokee lineup in the coming model year, and a Jeep spokesperson has now confirmed the move.

Come ’21, the Limited 4×4 will serve as the loftiest Cherokee trim.

Starting at a hair under $40,000 in 4×4 guise, the Overland (turbocharged 2.0-liter, nine-speed automatic) can easily retail for $43,000 with some goodies attached. And some people might even pay that sum for one, assuming they know it exists. The trim’s real-world presence is almost as ghostly as its online one.


Current inventory listings show just ten 2020 Cherokee Overlands in the United States, CarsDirect reports. Sporting 19-inch, grey wheels and appropriate badging, the Overland boasts just three 2020 model-year entries on A rare beast, indeed — kind of like a manual-transmission Compass.

However, while the pricey compact fades completely from the Cherokee camp next year, the Overland name will live on among Grand Cherokees. Starting at just under $47k before destination, that model sits four rungs below the range-topping, Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

[Images: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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