Samsung Galaxy Buds+ | Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Pros: Dual drivers, stellar battery life, compatible with iOS, wireless charging, build quality, a decent microphone
  • Cons: Limited audio codec supported, no noise cancellation, no aptX

Product Name:Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Brand Name:Samsung


Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Buds+ alongside the launch of their Samsung Galaxy S20 series. The new Galaxy Buds+ claimed to bring a lot to the table in terms of features with improved battery life, better call audio and a new dual-driver design which utilises two powerful drivers for better sound quality. Also, the Galaxy Buds+ are supported on the iOS this app.

For someone who skipped on the first Galaxy Buds, the Buds+ seem exciting to look at. The tiny capsule-shaped Galaxy Buds+ does look the same as the initial Galaxy Buds. However, do not let a similar design fool you. The new Galaxy Buds+ brings a lot of positives to the table – along with some problems. We shall discuss them in our review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Looks, build, design

The new Galaxy Buds+ features a similar design to the Galaxy Buds. The buds are designed pretty well and do not feel cheap. The Buds come in red, white, black, pink, and blue colours as opposed to the single colour option on the AirPods.

Speaking of AirPods – unlike the stem design – the Galaxy Buds+ features a small nub which snuggles into your ear and refuses to fall out. We faced that issue on several other earbuds we have tested before. 

The Galaxy Buds+ sits in your ear and slightly protrudes out which means if you are lying down with your head down on your side – you are likely to get a massive ache – which makes it very uncomfortable.

Inside the retail box, the Galaxy Buds+ get additional ear tips which arrive in three different sizes, a larger nub in case the earbuds are loosely fitting and a rubber ring which does the job if you do not like the nub.

The outside of the buds gets capacitive touch buttons which gets single, double triple, and long presses as well. You can customise so that the Galaxy Buds+ will do that the next time you perform a single tap, a double, or a triple tap. A long press can also activate the virtual assistant, lower volume, or turn on ambient sound amplification.

The Galaxy Buds+ sadly, are only IPX2 splash resistant which means they are fine during your workout sessions. But no swimming. No water. No rain.

The charging case features a USB Type-C port and also get wireless charging which means you do not have to carry an extra cable. The charging case is all plastic which feels a bit cheap. But slap on a customised skin, and you are going to be turning heads all the way.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Sound performance

The Galaxy Buds+ arrives with a new dual-driver system which brings a woofer and a tweeter which expands the range of the buds and brings in better clarity. We loved how Samsung managed to bring in better bass response with an increase in overall clarity.

The Galaxy Buds+ made a great choice when watching videos on YouTube or watching movies or series on Netflix, Hotstar and such. We binge-watched the Game of Thrones using the Buds+ and boy! The sound effects did make the experience richer and greater.

The Galaxy Buds+ music performance was top drawer! We listened to several Indie artists like the Local Train, Abdullah Qureshi, Umer Farooq, Bayaan. We also heard a bit of classic rock from Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and such. If you are planning to get the Galaxy Buds+, we recommend listening to the Bring Me the Horizon – the bass, the drums, and the guitar riffs, and the vocals – we made sure everyone had a go on the Buds+.

You can use the Galaxy Buds+ with the Samsung Wear app with which you can easily customise the sound of the earbuds. You can opt between Soft, Dynamic, Clear, treble, and Bass Boost.

Although the Galaxy Buds+ did feature clear sound during calls – Samsung has stated that they have increased internal microphones by one more, which now brings better call quality. Using the Galaxy Buds+ during calls seemed like someone talking directly into the microphone. The extra mic also brings in better ambient noise amplification. This the extra bump in ambient noise may not be as good as noise cancellation – but the feature is helpful when you are outside, and you need to be alert. We recommend not using the Galaxy Buds+ while you are driving.

The only feature missing was the noise cancellation but with the snuggly design and the decently well ear tips – we found we did not miss the noise cancellation feature on the Galaxy Buds+.

The Galaxy Buds+ also gets a Find My Earbuds feature which is particularly handy if you – like us – tend to lose your earbuds on an hourly basis.

The Galaxy Buds+ does not support high-end audio codecs like aptX, aptX Low Latency, or LDAC. The Buds+ only support SBC and AAC for now. We were using a Samsung phone which brought the company’s proprietary Scalable Audio codec which brings higher-bitrate support and is stable as well. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds app or the Galaxy Wearable app (for a Samsung phone) comes with several customisation options like ambient noise toggle, EQ select, touchpad controls, and some other features like seamless connectivity via a recent update. Seamless connectivity if turned on – connects to a device which has a Samsung account logged in. This feature bypasses the pairing procedure, and straight-up connects to the device.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Battery

One of the highlights of the Galaxy Buds+ is the battery life, and we were able to push almost a full day with the earbuds connected to our devices. Samsung advertised 11-hour battery life for the buds and another 11-hour battery life from the case. 

In otherwise normal usage – we saw ourselves charging the earbuds probably once in two weeks. The Bluetooth 5.0 brings a stable connection, and the stellar battery life meant you did not reach out for the charger every 15 hours. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Price and verdict

The Galaxy Buds+ are priced at Rs 11,990, which makes it a terrific value for money proposition when you compare it with the Apple AirPods Pro, or the AirPods for that matter.

The Galaxy Buds+ does not get built-in virtual assistant, or real water resistance (only IPX2), and no noise-cancellation.

The Galaxy Buds+ features a lot of interesting features which makes it better than almost every other truly wireless buds in the market right now. The Galaxy Buds+ may not be the best but sure is close to it. The Galaxy Buds+ feature fantastic sound quality, superb battery life, and the tiny capsule design is a step away from the similar-looking AirPods, AirPods Pro, Realme Buds Air, Oppo Enco Free, and other buds in the market right now.

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