Motorola Razr now available in gold colour on Flipkart

The Motorola Razr is now available in a striking Gold colourway starting today on Flipkart. Motorola debuted the Razr with just the single Black colour option in India. The Gold colour option was available in other regions including the US. 

The Motorola Razr is a competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip and even though it doesn’t offer the high-end internals available in the former, it has the oomph factor with a more exquisite design and also the nostalgia factor associated with it that makes it stand out. The Gold colour will only make it more attractive. It’s a matte finish and it covers the back with a dotted texture and the chin. The camera also has a nice Gold ring which adds a nice touch to it. The rest of the phone including the front is still Black. 

(Image credit: Flipkart)

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