LG offers free 7-day trial on the G8X Dual Screen in India

LG has launched a new ‘Try&Buy’ campaign for its flagship G8X Dual Screen smartphone in India. The new promotional campaign will allow users to try out the device for a period of 7 days. Users can either buy the phone at the end of the trial period or choose to return the device. The offer, which runs till June 14, is available only in select states.

The offer is available for all Indian consumers and potential customers will have to register a request for the ‘Try&Buy’ through LG’s official website. They will have to enter details like the Name, Phone number and email after which an SMS code is sent to them.

Users need to visit an LG store in person and show the code to the seller. Later, they will have to fill a form that has the company’s Terms and Conditions. Finally, a refundable security deposit of Rs 99 through a credit card completes the whole process.

(Image credit: LG)

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