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Platform: PC

Time played: 9 hours

Minecraft Dungeons feels like a day at Legoland, and not just because of the blocky aesthetic. It feels like a day at Legoland because it starts off as great fun and looks like a world of endless possibilities, but you quickly realize that it’s pretty much the same thing repeated over and over again. After a couple of levels, it just doesn’t seem to do anything with its ideas, and while it will definitely please Minecraft fans, it’s doomed to be a fairly decent spin off rather than a credible next step for the franchise.

The game casts you as a silent hero, flat in every way bar your blocky dimensions, as you make your way through various dungeons to defeat the evil Illager and the minions he has summoned. With a modest array of melee, ranged and magical weapons at your disposal, you must fight through swarms of enemies while exploring the twisting dungeons. Some of these dungeons are actual caves/mines etc, but there’s also snowy tundras, murky swamps and scorching deserts. The basic task, however, is the same: get to the end of the level.

Lather, rinse, repeat

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons becomes repetitive pretty quickly (Image credit: Mojang)

On a surface level, there is a lot of variety to be had. The nine levels are clearly distinct from each other, and the enemies increase in both intensity and creativity as the game goes on. Early game baddies will just run up to you and try and punch you, while later you face archers, golems, wizards and arena traps, forcing you to change your strategy from basic hack-and-slash button mashing to a more tactical approach, involving healing, ranged weaponry and artefact bonuses.

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