Two best wagon for kids

Hess wooden pushchair

A baby who does not yet know walk, younger than 2 years can use the walker pusher wooden waking Bear Henry. This rolling object is equipped with a frame on wheels and a suspended harness which is used to support the body and legs of toddlers.

This will keep your little one upright while you go about your household chores. This early learning toy has colorful figurines and rattles that are created to entertain your baby. You can also see list of plastic wagon for kids.

Its dimensions of 70 x 70 x 36 cm adjust to the size of your child. And the nude color of the support will certainly suit him, whether for a little boy or for a little girl.

Janod wooden walking cart

From 1 year old , your little darling can walk his toys and comforters everywhere using this Janod trolley with trunk . In the shape of a dog, this equipment has a bell which rings very often.

Its rubber wheels are silent while leaving no traces on the ground. The puppy’s head as well as the handle and the front structure are in beech, while the back for the fluff and the wheels are in plywood.

This pusher is made of solid wood without adding chemicals. It is aesthetic with its red and white castors, its felt ears, its push rod and its front part dyed beige.

This Janod wooden walking trolley is also available in a rabbit shape.


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