Why do Students Need Laptops?

Everyone agrees that a laptop is necessary for college and university students, but they can be just as essential for middle and high school students. There are a number of advantages that students who have a laptop computer gain over those who do not, such as more efficient note-taking, better technology control, more writing and editing skills. fast, increased engagement and easier collaboration with fellow students.

For those who think that a laptop is not necessary for education, think for a moment what it would feel like to see a doctor who was still using outdated medical practices from the 1970s. Most of us would not dream of seeing a doctor who is not aware of the latest medical techniques and research. This is essentially what parents do by providing their children with only pens and paper: they limit them to the kind of technology that was available two or three decades ago.

Schools across the country are starting to realize this and some have even started implementing a school curriculum designed for laptops. In 2000, the state of Maine entered into an agreement with Apple to provide laptops to all seventh and eighth grade students. In 2010 alone, they distributed more than 70,000 student laptops for free. Their goal is for every student in grades 7 to 12 to have a laptop. Since the start of the program, officials say they have seen improved grades and more collaboration among students. They also found an improvement in the students’ critical thinking skills. In 2000, a study was conducted by researchers at Wayne State University to analyze the results of students equipped with laptops compared to those who do not. They found that students who used laptops in school were more interested in education, had more self-confidence, and better research and writing skills


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