Hue Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light Review with Apple HomeKit Support

Hue Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light Review – Philips released a whole range of new outdoor smart lights for your home, ranging from lightstrips, wall lights, flood lights, and pedestal lights. While there are plenty of great lights to choose from, there is a particular light that gives me the better, first impression – the Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light.

Design to impress (hence, the name), Hue Impress Outdoor Pedestal Light is available to those who really care about the aesthetics of their home. Or to be exact, the outskirts of their home as this pedestal light is meant to be installed outside.

So whether you place it to increase the aesthetic of your porch, backyard, balcony, or the outskirts, the pedestal light does not just look good but it will also work with your current smart devices at home.

Packaging & Unboxing

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