Star Wars Episode 9’s leaked early script is better than The Rise of Skywalker

The Star Wars Leaks subreddit has a surprisingly good track record when it comes to spoiling events in a galaxy far, far away ahead of time. For example, the entire story of Episode 9 was doing the rounds three months before The Rise of Skywalker arrived in theaters, and key story details on the game Jedi: Fallen Order leaked almost a year before release.

This latest reported leak, though, is something else: it’s a summary of the original script for Star Wars Episode 9 before original director Colin Trevorrow departed the project, back when it was subtitled…Duel of the Fates. This came via YouTuber Robert Meyer Burnett, and the breakdown of it on Reddit is pretty extensive. While it’s worth considering as a rumor, The AV Club says it was able to independently verify the leak as the real thing.

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