Making customer privacy a priority

Within 24 hours of the long-awaited launch of Disney+, the entertainment multinational’s streaming service, it was reported that thousands of accounts had been hacked, with critical data stolen and sold online. As these breaches are so common, we’ve become almost unphased by them. Not a day goes by where our mortgage information, our passwords, and even our old emails aren’t wrapped up in some sort of endpoint security failure that attacks our digital privacy.

About the author

Keith Casey currently serves on the Platform Team at Okta working on Identity and Authentication APIs.

The cynic would suggest this is the new normal, that we have made a Faustian bargain with big tech to choose convenience over security and privacy. While news reports highlight companies behaving badly, change may be on the horizon, both in terms of companies’ attitudes towards customer privacy and in the regulatory compliance landscape. While fines and further legal ramifications should be enough to drive businesses to take customer privacy seriously, customers also need to take responsibility and push change.

Increased regulation, improved privacy

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