Acura Type S Concept: It Feels Like the First Time?

Image: Acura

Acura pulled the digital wraps off its Type S Concept two days ahead of its public debut at Monterey Car Week, heralding the Type S designation’s return to the brand’s model line. The car seen here hints at what to expect of the looming next-generation TLX and its confirmed Type S performance variant.

“Performance.” That implies something more than just a racy appearance package and maybe an upgraded brake and suspension setup, right? Ideally, yes, but in this case Acura does promise more “go” to back up the show.

Looking somewhat rear-drive in profile, the Type S Concept’s proportions may not carry over to the next TLX 100 percent, though it’s hard to imagine much deviation. The concept arrives nearly absent of specs, so we can only assume the TLX will maintain its front-drive configuration while adding a bit of dash-to-axle acreage.

Image: Acura

It’s a very handsome and doable concept compared to a lot of the vaporware that gets shuttled around these days. Enormous side vents and lower air opening minimize a svelte interpretation of the brand’s corporate diamond pentagon grille, while creased flanks and a pronounced, flowing bulge over the rear wheel wells adds muscularity. The short rear overhang emphasises the rear-drive-like profile, with the roofline flowing into a short trunklid capped by a lip spoiler. Below, four chrome exhaust tips peek from a perhaps too-aggressive bumper valance.

Too aggressive, you say ⁠— the Toyota Avalon is getting a TRD variant. Let Acura do what it wants below the belt.

When viewed from behind, the Type S Concept temps eyeballs with wide rubber, “Chicane” LED tail lamps (what’s the resemblance here? Supra? Maserati?… Fisker?), and what may or may not be functional air curtain vents.

Image: Acura

Replying to comments on Twitter, Acura PR head Matt Sloustcher stated “all Type S models will carry stronger braking, quicker acceleration and nimbler handling than conventional models. Relative to Type S models of the past, the new generation will be a step up.”

A gutsier engine, which would be true to Type S variants of the past, and almost assuredly the addition of Acura’s Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system will greet buyers looking for excitement in the dwindling midsize sedan segment. While the TLX will be the first new model to carry the Type S badge when it appears later this year, a second Type S variant model will drop within two years.

[Images: Acura]

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