The best iPad apps of 2019

Apps set the iPad apart from other tablets, whether you need to work on office tasks, learn something new, make music, watch a movie or become a digital artist.

But which apps are worth your cash and time? We’ve tested thousands to come up with our definitive list of the best apps for iPad right now.

You’ll find them split into categories on the following pages, but first see below for our iPad app of the week.

iPad app of the week: CARROT Weather ($4.99/£4.99/AU$7.99 + IAP)

(Image credit: TechRadar)

CARROT Weather is a weather app helmed by a human-hating AI. As you check whether it will be sunny tomorrow, CARROT will helpfully call you a ‘meatbag’ and threaten to hurl cows at you.

It sounds gimmicky, but the constant snark adds color and personality to a kind of app usually devoid of both. That’s the case elsewhere, too: the forecasts are beautifully illustrated, and make fantastic use of the iPad’s large screen. The Today view widget is excellent, and the multi-layered maps are detailed.

The main downside is this comes at a cost – literally. Mapping data is pricey – as are notifications. If you want the best of both, you’ll need an IAP sub. But even in its standard incarnation, CARROT gives you information and entertainment, propelling it ahead of strait-laced competitors.

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