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It’s time for a road trip, and iClever’s got just the thing you’ll need.

These days, GPS apps like Waze and Google Maps have seriously changed the way we travel, giving us the ability to find our way to wherever without needing to stop and ask for directions. While you likely already have one or two on your phone, you might not own the other crucial part of the equation when it comes to using your phone while driving: a car mount. Right now though, you can pick up iClever’s Universal Air Vent Phone Mount for $6.90 when you enter promo code T64M4NJO during checkout. Though it’s currently priced at $15 otherwise, it’s been selling for $10 for most of 2018; we’ve never seen it sell for less than that until today.

The iClever Universal Phone Mount utilizes six built-in magnets to ensure your phone stays secure while in route. It comes with a metal plate to adhere either to the back of your phone or placed between your phone and its case that will make your phone stick to the mount. The compact mount clips into your air vent which helps to keep it out of your way, plus it offers 360-degree rotation so you can always adjust the angle of your phone when necessary.

At Amazon, nearly 75 customers left a review for this mount resulting in a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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