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Now $83] Anki Overdrive is now $86 ($64 off) on Amazon, Fast & Furious Edition is $93 ($76 off)

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Anki’s ‘Overdrive’ is a lineup of smartphone-controlled racing cars that can drive on a customizable track. We reviewed the Fast & Furious Edition last year, and it offered plenty of fun for the original price of $170. Now you can get the Fast & Furious version for far less than that, and the non-themed version is also on sale.

The regular Overdrive kit is now $85.82 (a drop of $64 from the original price), and the Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition is now $93.37 ($76.62 off). Both products are very similar, but the latter includes cars from the Fast & Furious films (Dom’s Ice Charger and Hobbs’ International MXT) and a slightly tweaked mobile app.

On both versions, the cars can accelerate, change lanes, and fire virtual weapons at other racers. You can buy either edition from the links below, and you can find our review here.

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