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6X (, a digital exchange for cryptocurrency, today announced its partnership with, a blockchain messaging application service provider. The built-in features of the app include a cryptocurrency wallet, a chat platform that combines voice, text and visual messaging and an e-payment system.6

The partnership between 6X and will bring more use cases and connect different consumer markets, allowing more accessibility to the blockchain ecosystem. 6X empowers the blockchain projects around the world to trade on a trusted, encrypted and secure platform. creates a transparent environment for developers to use its Open secret SDK to develop large scale decentralized apps for public benefit.

“Our 6X Digital Trading Platform is further enhanced with We can provide an end-to-end digital exchange service that meet our users’ needs. is not only an instant messaging system that allows for community building & engagement, it is an application that is built on the basis of blockchain technology whereby data protection is not compromised.” said Vanessa Koh, International Vice-President of

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